Huddle Hub One

Huddle Hub™ One

Turn any space into a huddle room

Huddle Hub One gives you the flexibility of collaborating and communicating in every space of your company, using only the embedded screen and camera of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

in every space of your company, using only the embedded screen and camera of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The most comfortable work group experience

Sit anywhere in your room

With Huddle Hub One you can sit anywhere in the room, framed by your own device camera, and receive the video conference or the presentation on your screen.

Multi-camera system

Turn your devices into a multi-camera system

Huddle Hub One connects your wireless mobile devices and joins them to a single videoconference connection, transforming them into a multi-camera, multi-screen videoconference solution requiring no other video equipment.


Real eye to eye contact

Let the remote participants see you clearly

Huddle Hub One receives a video stream from each device camera, combines them into a single layout, optionally highlights the active speaker, and sends the mixed stream to your favorite conference software.

Device to device presentation

Presentation needing no display

Connect your wireless mobile devices to the Huddle Hub One, and you can present the screen of any device directly to the screen of all the others. No matter where you are in your company, when connected to theHuddle Hub One you can make a presentation with no other video equipment.

“A Next-Gen Approach to Group Collaboration”

This white paper from Wainhouse Research, sponsored by HRT, provides insight into new ways of conducting video meetings – both inside and outside the meeting room. Download the white paper for free.

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