May 14, 2012
10 Reasons to Use Video Conferencing
May 14, 2012
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Advantages of Teleconferencing

The Advantages of Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing and the advantages of teleconferencing are a hot topic in the revolution of communication. Technology has made communication easier and we’ve come a long way from putting pen to paper and then waiting days to get a response. Now you can pick up a device and after pushing a few buttons, you can hear someone’s voice as clear as a bell at the other end.

The next step is actually speaking to more than one person at the same time (why not a dozen!) and telecommunication and internet technology has made that possible. Teleconferencing has allowed people to communicate on a mass level and the advantages of teleconferencing have made it an ever growing solution to any company’s communication needs.

Before we look further at the advantages of teleconferencing, let’s take a brief look at what teleconferencing is.

What Is Teleconferencing?

Decades ago it may have sounded like science fiction, but teleconferencing today is very much science fact. To break it down into a way that is easily understood, teleconferencing is essentially an exchange of information on a mass scale between several people through a telecommunications system. In other words it’s a platform for many people to chat and share ideas, usually through a telephone system.

It has also been called a teleseminar, audio conferencing or telephone conferencing, but the principle all remains the same. It’s a way for more than two people to communicate and relay information. It has been employed most successfully in the world of business where corporations have been able to communicate with other offices, suppliers and customers in a meeting setting, but overcoming all the logistical problems that come with it.

The Advantages

The advantages of teleconferencing is the main way of selling this communication form. By taking the technology of telephone communication and putting it on steroids it has helped in many ways for businesses to save time, money and resources. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of teleconferencing:

  1. Reduces Travel – A major issues with many big companies and firms are travel costs and a basic wasting of time when travelling. Employing teleconferencing will drastically reduce any travel, because you will not even have to leave the office. This is especially beneficial when working for global corporations with offices around the world. Instead of hopping on a plane and staying in cheap motels, all the various participants can be conferenced in and participate from their various geographical locations. The only concern is the time zones!
  1. Saves on Cost – When companies hear the words ‘cost saving’ it’s like music to their ears. Saving money is an important part of improving that bottom line and teleconferencing is an ideal way to slash the costs from the communications budget. Conducting meetings with multiple persons using teleconferencing will save on travel costs, fuel expenditures and the bills that rack up when staying in a hotel or going out to dinner.
  1. Saves Time – Many an executive will complain that there is not enough time in the day. With all the daily duties, it’s sometimes hard to attend all the meetings and discussions needed to take your company to the next level. Utilising teleconferencing you can save time and better manage your productivity. Attending meeting from your office will allow even the busiest executive the time to catch up on all the daily activities. Saving time is a lot like saving money and in many cases, as the saying goes, time is money.
  1. Dealing with Emergencies – In the fast paced world of business everything is ‘urgent’ and emergencies can crop up spontaneously.  That’s when decisions have to be made immediately and cannot wait for a meeting to be called where everyone is present. Teleconferencing negates that problem, and when an important decision needs to be made all the relevant parties can be assembled as quickly as it takes to dial a number. It some cases rapid response can save a company millions.

It’s hard to ignore – advantages of teleconferencing speak for themselves. Companies and executives serious about saving time and money cannot ignore the benefits of embracing this new technology. The initial investment will definitely pay off in the long run.


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