Thinker View

AI-Enabled Collaboration Camera
for Modern Work Spaces

Bring Remote Team Closer

Harness the power of enterprise level video conferencing on any standard display or panel with Thinker View that enables HD Video Collaboration and brings remote teams closer. Integrated with powerful hardware and built-in AI sensors, Thinker View makes sure each participant in the huddle space is seen and heard well.

Integrated Design

Integrated with 1080p Camera and Quad MEMS beamforming microphone array, Thinker View has an ultra-sleek unibody design built that’s easy to integrate in any setup and instantly elevates the meeting room’s aesthetic appeal. \

Plug and Play

A plug and play device that gets connected to the PC/laptop/panel via I/O Micro USB, allows quick connection without any fumbling with color-coded cables or multiple plugs. It gets fixed on the display through EZ Mounting without any drill or special tools.

Omni Directional Microphone Pickup

The omnidirectional response of beamforming MEMS Microphone captures the sound coming from any direction, including a moving source, boosts it, and makes it audible to everyone. The powerful MEMS mic array has a pickup range of up to 5 meters while for acoustically designed meeting space, it can be extended up to 20 meters. So that participants can be heard from anywhere in the meeting room, eliminating the necessity to come closer to the mic while talking.


MeetEQ, AI-powered camera and Mic Array enables intelligence in Video Conferencing. The camera auto-tags the participants and captures their attentiveness in the meeting while the mic array supports all Conversational UI platforms including Windows built-in Cortana.

Manage your Meeting Rooms Remotely

ooking for a way to manage your many meeting rooms that could help you to monitor, manage, and address the challenges without actually visiting? Thinker View EQ makes it possible.
Meeting Room Management
Remote monitoring of meeting room became possible with Thinker View EQ that simplifies the task of meeting room management by reflecting the data of its occupancy status, number of attendees, device utilization – all on the admin dashboard.
Head Count Data
Don’t wait for the reports to know the impact of a meeting. Rather, access the concrete data available on your dashboard showing the exact number of participants on a particular day.

Why Is This Important?

Reduce the time spent on manual booking and checking the meeting room availability rather browse the dashboard and book the room directly. Even it shows you the best way to reach the meeting room and keeps you updated with the upgrades, fixes, and guides you with the expansion/removal plans.


Thinker View is compatible with all the major collaboration tools like Zoom, Google Hangout, Slack, and Microsoft Teams so that in-house and remote team remain connected any time. Thinker View has all the tools needed to deliver a streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing for every meeting size.


Compatible with wide range of screen sizes varying from 32” up to 75”.


EyeRIS® intelligently tracks the pen gestures to perform touch interactivity on displays.


Instantly scans the surface of interest and completes automatic calibration in less than 10 seconds.


Supports up to 255 multi-touch points at a time.


Get it fully-charged within three minutes with an usage time for up to three hours.


Quickly scan the QR Code and download the entire discussion in PDF file.

Want to add touchscreen Interactive ability to your camera?

MeetEQ Camera System

The MeetEQ AI-powered wide-angle camera is equipped with low distortion lens and 1080p optics deliver remarkable video quality in the meeting room, marking everyone’s presence with HD video and audio. This USB powered device is highly compatible with every meeting room size, from huddle room, medium size to a big sized meeting room.

MeetEQ AI-Powered camera understands understands the environment and responds to it in real-time. It delivers intelligent viewing capabilities such as tagging the participants and auto-framing the speaker and keeping a record for actionable insights.

Identify the Essential, Eliminate the Rest.

MeetEQ Microphone

Beamforming MEMS Microphone gives an omnidirectional response and ends the participants’ struggle to be heard by everyone.

The powerful MEMS mic array that has a pickup range of 5 meters and can be extended up to 20 meters ensures that the participants from anywhere in the meeting room are heard clearly eliminating the necessity to come closer to the mic while talking. The MeetEQ AI-enabled microphone has Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Direction of Arrival (DOA) feature that focuses the microphone directly on the speaker.

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