BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Faster Teams adoption 

Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams without changing your meeting room system or compromising video quality

One touch join

Focus on the meeting, not the technology. It’s easy to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your StarLeaf rooms with one touch using StarLeaf MultiJoin.

Simple to deploy

Get the BlueJeans Gateway up and running for your organization in a few easy steps. No need for IT follow-up after deployment.

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool of choice for many enterprises. 

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool of choice for many enterprises. But if you rely heavily on video, you will want to make sure that your existing video meeting rooms are compatible with Microsoft Teams. BlueJeans partnered with Microsoft to develop a SaaSbased, cloud video interoperability solution to enable organizations to easily connect their Microsoft Teams video meetings to standards-based SIP and H.323 room systems.    StarLeaf and BlueJeans have come together to help you do the same, and to ensure your organization has the best approach for getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams meetings, while optimizing the ROI on your existing StarLeaf room systems. The BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams makes it easy to join Microsoft Teams meetings from every StarLeaf meeting room.

How it works 

The BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams is a global, high-performance cloud-based service that works seamlessly with the StarLeaf platform. So there’s no hardware infrastructure to deploy, no updates to manage, and no limits on scalability. 

Licensing is flexible and there’s a choice of shared and dedicated ports, depending on your needs and likely usage levels.

Joining a Microsoft Teams meeting 

The BlueJeans Gateway adds additional dial-in details into your Microsoft Teams meeting invites. And with StarLeaf MultiJoin, you can join your Teams meetings with one touch from your StarLeaf rooms. 

Other ways StarLeaf integrates with Microsoft 

Seamless working has always been a key focus for StarLeaf, and we’ve invested heavily in creating solutions that are intuitively simple and fit with your existing workflow. For organizations already using Microsoft productivity tools, StarLeaf already integrates into every part of the Microsoft technology stack: 

  • Outlook users can schedule and join meetings directly from their email client or calendar.
  • Customers using Microsoft Teams can create and join StarLeaf meetings directly from a Teams channel or chat.
  • Azure Active Directory integration makes it easy for admins to manage StarLeaf users with Azure AD, avoiding duplicated actions across platforms.
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