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Screenbeam 1100 Plus Brochure  View / Download (.pdf)
Screenbeam vs Barco Clickshare Conference Etc  View / Download (.pdf)
Newline MIRA Brochure    View / Download (.pdf)
Newline MIRA Spec Sheet    View / Download (.pdf)
Nexvoo NexBar N110  View / Download (.pdf)
Nexvoo NexPod N149  View / Download (.pdf
Nexvoo NexPad T530  View / Download (.pdf)
Nexvoo NexFone N380  View / Download (.pdf)
Nexvoo NexTalk Headset  View / Download (.pdf)
Newline FLEX Review with Rave Publishers  View   
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Newline FLEX Desktop Conferencing Detailed Powerpoint PPT    View / Download (.pdf)
Axtel Headset Range Catalogue    View / Download (.pdf)
Kandao Meeting Pro Presentation    View / Download (.pdf)
Kandao Meeting Pro Leaflet  View / Download (.pdf)  
Kandao Meeting Pro Datasheet  View / Download (.pdf)  
Cybernetyx Thinker View Conferencing Camera Comparison  View / Download (.pdf)  
Cybernetyx Thinker Connect – Interactive Display & VC Camera Solution  View / Download (.pdf)  
Cybernetics Thinker View – AI Enabled Camera Brochure
Why StarLeaf  View / Download (.pdf)  
Starleaf Voiceconnect  View / Download (.pdf)  
Host Pricing Definitions and Functionality    View / Download (.pdf)              
H.323 Subscriptions  View / Download (.pdf)           
Webex and GoToMeeting Service Trade-in Promotion  View / Download (.pdf)             
StarLeaf for Microsoft Whitepaper  View / Download (.pdf)                   

Articles & Case Studies

Case Study: Stronghold   View / Download (.pdf)
Case Study: Birkett Long LLP   View / Download (.pdf)
Case Study: Menzies   View / Download (.pdf)
Case Study: Stone King  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf in Education View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf in Healthcare  View / Download (.pdf)
Case Study: Sign Solutions  View / Download (.pdf)
Northumbrian Water Group Study Summary   View / Download (.pdf)
Dr Martens Case Study Summary  View / Download (.pdf)
Alert Logic Case Study Summary   View / Download (.pdf)
Glendon College Case Study Summary  View / Download (.pdf)
Groupe Cahors Case Study Summary   View / Download (.pdf)
Taylor Vinters Case Study Summary  View / Download (.pdf)
Select Wines Case Study Summary   View / Download (.pdf)
Case Study: Highland Capital Partners  View / Download (.pdf)

Competitive Information

Competitive Information: StarLeaf Market Comparison   View / Download (.pdf)
Competitive Information: StarLeaf vs Zoom Battlecard  View/Download (.pdf)
Zoom security track record   View / Download (.pdf)

StarLeaf Guides

Security One Pager  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Brand Guidelines   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf SIP Trunk Requirements   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Technical Security Information   View / Download (.pdf)
Your Buyer’s Guide to Collaboration Trends 2019   View / Download (.pdf)

StarLeaf & Additional Product Portfolio

StarLeaf GT Mini 3330   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Group Telepresence 3351  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Camera C10   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Touch 2045  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Telepresence Microphone 0155   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Conference Phone 2220   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf GT Mini Wall Mount 0230   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Cloud Endpoint Subscriptions  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Video Conferencing Service  View / Download (.pdf)
The StarLeaf App   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Encore (Recording)  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Pronto 210   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Pronto Cable USB   View / Download (.pdf)
BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams (StarLeaf rooms)   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf for Yealink VP59  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Huddle   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Meetings   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf MultiJoin   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Portfolio Two Pager   View / Download (.pdf)
Kandao Meeting   View / Download (.pdf)
VHD-M380 Ceiling Microphone  View / Download (.pdf)
VHD-V20c USB PTZ Camera  View / Download (.pdf)
VHD-V71H HDMI PTZ Camera View / Download (.pdf)
AMC-G200TH Single Voice & Speaker Tracking HDMI Camera  View / Download (.pdf)
AMC-G200T Dual Voice & Speaker Tracking HDMI Camera  View / Download (.pdf)

Sales Tools

StarLeaf Demo Requirements   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Room System Subscriptions   View / Download (.pdf)
Live Streaming deck  View / Download (.ppt)
Security & Reliability Presentation Deck   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Camera C10 Presentation Deck   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf for Yealink VP59 Presentation   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Meetings deck   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Pronto 210 deck   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Sales Deck (Partners)   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Solutions deck    View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Touch 2045 Sales Presentation   View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Winter 2019 release deck   View / Download (.ppt)
H.323 Business & Enterprise Subscriptions   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf for mobile and desktop   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Huddle – New Product Introduction Presentation   View / Download (.pdf)

Price List and Licensing

StarLeaf Host Pricing Partner deck File  View / Download (.ppt)
StarLeaf Per Host Conferencing Licensing  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Pricing Update Q3 2020  View / Download (.pdf)

Post Sales

StarLeaf Services SLA   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf HIPAA Compliance   View / Download (.pdf)
End of sale notice – Conference Phone 2220   View / Download (.pdf)
End of sale notice – Phone 2105   View / Download (.pdf)
End of sale notice – Phone 2120  View / Download (.pdf)
End of sale notice – PT Mini 3020  View / Download (.pdf)
End of sale notice – StarLeaf UC Plan   View / Download (.pdf)


2019-Q4 StarLeaf campaign-in-a-box Package icon  View / Download (.zip)
2020-Q2 Security campaign in a box Package icon  View / Download (.zip)
2020-Q2 Security webinar – campaign in a box Package icon         View / Download (.zip)
2020-Q2 The Times report – campaign in a box Package icon  View / Download (.zip)
US StarLeaf for Healthcare camgaign-in-a-box Package icon  View / Download (.zip)
Remote working made simple   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Customer Promotion – Touch 2045 + Pronto Bundle   View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Global Support Program  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf RFP, RFI, Tender Response Guide  View / Download (.pdf)
StarLeaf Workflows: Leveraging StarLeaf for remote working   View / Download (.pdf)
Webex and GoToMeeting Service Trade-in Promotion   View / Download (.pdf)
Why StarLeaf   View / Download (.pdf)