Starleaf Maestro Management Platform

Manage Gtm Systems Globally


The smart way to manage all your GTm meeting rooms

  • Fast system provisioning
  • Remote management of meeting room systems
  • Simple installation
  • Improved meeting room efficiency
  • System health and status monitoring
  • Scheduling of software updates

Maestro Management


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StarLeaf Maestro is the StarLeaf management platform for the GTm family of native Skype for Business room systems. It allows room administrators to manage small or large deployments of GTm room systems from a single location and provides a dashboard overview as well as a simple intuitive interface to manage multiple devices remotely. StarLeaf Maestro is available as on-premise solution either as a VM, as a dedicated appliance, or hosted as part of the StarLeaf Cloud solution.

  • Enables simple installation and configuration of newly deployed systems
  • Clone an existing device’s settings for easy replacement
  • Simple system provisioning with StarLeaf QuickConnect™
  • Manage device settings for remote units

Technical Specifications

  • Device settings for all deployed systems accessible in a single location.
  • Notifications and alerts of system/installation issues.
  • At a glance status of all active rooms equipped with either GTm 5250 or GTm 5140
  • Management of small and large room deployments.
  • Analytics dashboard with call records and details statistics
  • Advanced firmware management