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    The StarLeaf app is a simple, 
    secure and reliable app for 
    messaging, meetings and calling. 

The Starleaf Video Conferencing Solution

Pay a low monthly free from only  R2 336,00 

Why buy hardware and software upfront as a capital expense when you can pay a low monthly rental fee for the market leading hardware, software and services which equips your meeting room with state of the art equipment and a Unified Communications platform for your entire organization including voice , video , chat and meetings. Including the ability to speak to all your customers and suppliers at no additional cost at anytime. 

Solution Includes:

  • Starleaf Gtmini 3330 Option 1 Meeting Room System
  • 5 Year next business day onsite swap out warranty
  • Unlimited software app for your entire organization with voice, video, chat and meetings.
  • Single management portal to manage all room systems, users and to control chats, calls etc in a more business grade manner.
  • 24/7 instant video support directly from Starleaf engineers with our global coverage
  • Call other meeting room systems like Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, Yealink and Skype for business by a simple touch of a button.


Help your employees to work more productively and collaborate more easily with one-to-one instant messaging, group chats, and the ability to escalate any chat to a video call.


Remove barriers to communication and hold online meetings that anyone can join. Connect with the widest possible audience with audio, video and screen sharing.


Communicate better and make decisions faster. StarLeaf lets you make voice and video calls to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Skype for Business

Get even more out of your existing investment. Extend Skype for Business into meeting rooms and gain the ability for any standards-based video device to join your Skype for Business meetings.

Collaboration Tools for the Modern Workplace

With businesses operating more and more globally, including international clients, offshore teams and remote workers, it’s more vital than ever to provide the tools that help your employees to communicate and collaborate effectively.

StarLeaf provides desktop and mobile applications that allow secure messaging and quick video meetings and calls, equips rooms with easy-to-use video conferencing facilities, and above all offers total interoperability with any other standards-based video conferencing solution.

Enhance your Workspace

With support for multiple cameras and screens, integration with professional AV equipment, and HD video and audio, StarLeaf’s reliable and easy-to-use systems transform your conference rooms.

Quickly and easily create video meetings or hold point-to-point video calls. StarLeaf’s affordable equipment for smaller meeting rooms provide reliable communication tools that are always ready for use.

StarLeaf’s powerful messaging, meetings and calling app makes communication easy wherever you are, and whatever device you’re on.

"Starleaf, with laser focus on interoperability, is enabling the connectivity that all organisations seek"

Rob Arnold

Frost &Sullivan