Present anywhere, be successful anytime.

Use Crowdbeamer, the clever presentation system that amplifies the impact of your message.


Crowdbeamer boosts productivity of your meetings & presentations

Crowdbeamer delivers your screen content directly and in real time to all portable devices around you, enabling your audience to capture what they see, complete it with notes and share with others. That audience engagement helps create long-term impact with your message, making your presentation more successful.

Plug & Present

Simply connect any device with an HDMI or VGA output to crowdbeamer. That’s all you need to do – no software installation is required. From the start, you can fully focus on engaging your audience.

Straight to your audience

Using our free app, your audience views your content in real time on their smartphones, tablets & laptops. They can easily capture what they find relevant, and complete it with their personal notes.

Present anywhere

Instantly share content with your audience. Using crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi and battery, you can do this anytime anywhere – including meetings outside the conference room.

Secure by design

While you are presenting, your audience never needs to access any corporate network to enjoy the crowdbeamer benefits. Stay in control when sharing, and decide on the spot to block sensitive information.